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Note: Data as of the end of Dec 2023

About Us

Company Profile

CardioCloud Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, is a high technology company focusing on the manufacturing and sale of medical equipment. Established in 2016, CardioCloud is a pioneer in the concept of "Internet + Healthcare ", a frontrunner in the field of wearable ECG devices, and a leading innovator in remote ECG monitoring. The company has access to high-quality medical resources, professional medical platforms, and quite a number of patented technologies in mobile Internet, healthcare management, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. CardioCloud is committed to providing the overall solution of telemedicine, healthcare management and comprehensive diagnosis to patients and individuals with potential risks of cardiovascular disease.

Major Projects

China Electrocardiogram Network of Chest Pain Center

In July 2018, the China Cardiovascular Association officially launched the project of “China Electrocardiogram Network of Chest Pain Center”. By building up the platform for information sharing, resources utilization, and emergency operation among hospitals, doctors and patients, the network aims to increase the popularity of out-of-hospital ECG screening and the efficiency of cardiovascular disease treatment.

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Key Research Project of Ministry of Science and Technology of China: Program of Active Health and Aging Technical Response

As the leading company, CardioCloud is responsible for the special program of Active Health and Aging Technical Response which is the key research project of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. (Project name: "Wearable Heart Monitoring Intervention Technology and Product Development", Project Number: 2018YFC2001200).

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Patents and Awards

As a high-tech enterprise based in Zhongguancun (China's Silicon Valley), CardioCloud is in possession of 3 invention patents, 10 utility model and design patents and 20 software copyrights. The company’s core product is a series of 12-lead wearable ECG devices called "CONX". "CONX" allows people to carry out ECG examinations and monitoring at home. CardioCloud won the second prize at the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019.

Our Products

Product and Service System

  • Hardware

    Medical-grade wearable ECG monitoring device

  • Software

    "CONX" smart solution for
    cardiovascular health management

    Apps and mini-programs connection
    clients, doctors, institutions and self-service
  • Service

    Remote ECG evaluation bg
    hospital chest pain center

    "CONX" ECG Center and China
    Electrocardiogram Network

Device Types

  • Combination of active and passive monitoring; Proactive risk alerts

    Independent Holter monitoring and resting ECG acquisition with no interruption

    Ultimate Edition

    Comprehensive ECG collection capabilities, including Holter data collection, resting ECG acquisition, real-time Holter monitoring, 6-minute ECG collection, and other functions. Mainly applied in hospitals and other medical institutions.

  • From "strapping" Holter to "wearing" Holter;

    Enjoy a good night’s sleep and say goodbye to entangled wires

    Enhanced Edition

    Designed mainly for active Holter data collection, primarily applied in hospitals and other medical institutions.

  • Collect resting ECG anytime;

    Perfect for home and out-of-hospital ECG monitoring

    Professional Edition

    Designed mainly for resting ECG collection. Some models also include real-time Holter monitoring, 6-minute ECG collection, and other capabilities. Can be applied for homes, institutions, and hospitals.

The pictures shown above are representative device pictures and do not cover all models
Professional Edition Introduction

Medical Ecosystem

Application Scenarios
  • Medical and healthcare

  • Family and communities

  • Life and commercial activities

  • Sports and outdoors

Target Audience
  • Cardiovascular disease patients

  • Family healthcare decision-makers

  • Elderly individuals

  • High-net-worth individuals

  • Young health enthusiasts

  • Urban sub-healthy population


Healthcare Service Partners
Strategic Partners
Academic Research Partners
Charity Partners
Strategic Investment Partners

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User Stories

Typical Cases

  • Daily Work Monitoring Case

    Mr. Lee, 35 years old, from Shandong

    Intermittent palpitations with chest distress and excessive sweating

    1. The bus driver came to the hospital multiple times. The doctor could not diagnose the symptoms because the ECG of the incident was not collected.
    2. He was then advised to use a 12-lead wearable ECG recorder to monitor his ECG at all times outside of the hospital.
    3. Supraventricular tachycardia was captured while driving on the road.
    4. The doctor called and instructed him to stop working immediately, and make an emergency call.
    5. He was diagnosed and treated with radiofrequency ablation. There is no recurrence after the operation.
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  • Primary Care Clinics Application Case

    Mr. Sun, 73 years old, from Hebei

    Acute myocardial infarction

    1. Mr. Sun felt unbearable stomach pain and went to a nearby clinic. The clinician immediately used "CONX" ECG device to collect the electrocardiogram.
    2. Warned: sinus bradycardia, first-degree atrioventricular block
    3. T-segment Abnormalities (ST-segment elevation in lead II, III aVF, and ST-depression in other multi-lead)
    4. Possibly acute myocardial ischemia, must seek immediate medical treatment or call emergency
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  • Monitoring Case Outside of the Hospital

    Mr. Ge, 51 years old, from Xinjiang

    Third-degree atrioventricular block

    1. Recently, Mr. Ge suffered from frequent syncope. He went to the hospital for checkups multiple times but was unable to find the cause.
    2. One of the family members collected his electrocardiogram with "CONX" ECG device and uploaded it to the Unified National ECG Network. Soon he got a diagnostic report:
    3. Third-degree atrioventricular block(AV block), incomplete right bundle branch block(RBBB), slow junctional escape rhythm, ST-T Abnormalities
    4. At the same time, the doctor who analyzed the electrocardiogram called, informing him that his condition was urgent and he should seek medical treatment immediately.
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  • Case of Continuous Monitoring at home

    Mr. Wang, 48 years old, from Beijing

    Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and flutter

    1. Used "CONX" ECG device to collect electrocardiogram multiple times, showing paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and flutter
    2. Sinus rhythm is restored after radiofrequency ablation and treatment.
    3. Later, he continued to use "CONX" ECG device to record the postoperative recovery, there were still atrial flutters and atrial fibrillations
    4. "CONX" ECG device advised the patient to take the electrocardiogram reports to the hospital for treatment. His sinus rhythm is recovered after the treatment.
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Industry Applications

  • Events

    By implementing on-site ECG screening before the Beijing Park Half-Marathon race, "CONX" set up a safety barrier for athletes to participate in healthy competition

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  • Anti-COVID Frontline

    For the Chinese-British anti-epidemic battle, "CONX" travelled across oceans to protect Uncle Deng

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  • Pilot Admissions Screening

    "CONX" helped the air force recruitment bureau to perform physical examination more effectively

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  • Public Security Health Protection

    "CONX" protects police officers by ensuring their cardio health anytime and anywhere

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Company News

December 2nd, 2019

"CONX" on CCTV for the first time

CCTV's "Life Circle" reported on the subject of atrial fibrillation. Experts said that the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation is very simple with just one electrocardiogram. However, the onset electrocardiogram must be collected while having atrial fibrillation. He indicated that patients can collect the electrocardiogram at home and upload it to the electrocardiogram monitoring center of AAA tertiary hospitals now. Thus doctors should will be able to get the electrocardiogram report in time for diagnosis. The device he mentioned was the "CONX" 12-lead ECG device.

December 21, 2019

"CONX" on CCTV for the second time

CCTV's "Life Circle" reproduced the scene of a real patient, showing the whole process of "CONX" saving the life of a patient at the critical moment of acute myocardial infarction. The expert team is online 24/7, giving ECG reports, immediate feedback, and phone warnings. This well-established system is the magic weapon for "CONX" to save lives.

April 25, 2020

"CONX" on CCTV for the third time

CCTV Covid-19 special report: In the UK, the "Uncle Deng" who was known for actively organizing overseas Chinese communities to raise anti-epidemic materials at the beginning of the epidemic was unfortunately infected while treating patients with Covid. According to clinical observations, the coronavirus may affect heart function. As an essential tool for heart monitoring, "CONX" ECG device was gifted to "Uncle Deng" by a domestic medical expert. Simply with a mobile phone screen and a "CONX" device, it becomes a 24/7 bedside ECG monitor to observe ECG changes in real-time.

February 7, 2021

"CONX" on CCTV for the fourth time

The CCTV news channel “Oriental Horizon” reported: "Remote ECG diagnosis and treatment on trains, saving time for patients." Some trains are equipped with the "CONX" ECG devices during the Spring Festival. Any train staff can collect ECG and readget the report within a few minutes. "CONX" escorts passengers on the journey to home andfor reunion.

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CardioCloud Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Phone: +86 10 60604866, +86 400 8052003

Address: 3rd Fl, Huayu Building, No. 130 Liangjiadian, Xibalizhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

CardioCloud (Shanghai) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Phone: +86 21 63153800, +86 21 63153792

Address: 19B, New Shanghai City Plaza, No. 33 Henan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai